[Baby Vegetarian Recipes]_Food_Diet

[Baby Vegetarian Recipes]_Food_Diet

Many people think that children should eat some meat because meat is more nutritious, so they naturally feel that vegetarian food is not nutritious. Therefore, most parents will choose to eat a variety of meat foods for their children, evenExpensive mountain and sea food and so on, just want to make their children smarter, in order to prevent their children from losing on the starting line, so parents spend a lot of money to buy meat, in fact, vegetarians have many benefits for children, soWhat vegetarian food should my baby eat?

What vegetarian food should your baby eat: 1.

Often vegetarian, children will become smarter. According to surveys, the world’s tallest animals, some elephants, giraffes, etc. are vegetarian.

And world boxer Ali, Chinese actor Wu Xiubo is also a vegetarian.

They are very intelligent people.

It can be seen that being vegetarian is very good for the body.

For young children, the benefits of eating vegetarian food are also great.

And the biggest benefit is that it is conducive to their brain development.

In short, it will make them smarter.

In addition, being vegetarian can also supplement the vitamins needed in the body, and it will not make children fat.


These vegetarian dishes can be eaten more, which is good for children’s growth. (1) some carotene vegetarian foods: rapeseed, amaranth, amaranth, carrots, broccoli, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, yellow corn, etc .; (2) vitamin E foods: sweet potato,Lettuce, etc .; (3) Vitamin A supplements: cow’s milk, milk powder, carrots, leek, oranges, etc .; (4) Vegetarians with a large amount of vitamin C: red dates (to make red date porridge), grapefruit, strawberries, watermelon, fresh fruits, yellow-green vegetables(5) Vegetarian ingredients that can be supplemented with B vitamins: mushrooms, wild vegetables, yellow-green vegetables, nuts