[Can you eat hairy crabs during chemotherapy]_ River crabs_ Can you eat them?

[Can you eat hairy crabs during chemotherapy]_ River crabs_ Can you eat them?

Patients must pay attention to diet conditioning during chemotherapy. Usually, the diet should be lighter and more high-protein foods should be added. Because chemotherapy will cause patients with nausea and vomiting with complications, so they should eat some delicious foods. EatSome foods that avoid affecting the digestive tract, try not to eat foods such as hairy crabs. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, hairy crabs are hairy and cold.

Can hairy crabs be eaten during chemotherapy? “Modern medicine has no hard requirements on food taboos, but from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, seafood as a whole belongs to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, and crabs are cold, which is not conducive to the rehabilitation of cancer patients.

And cold foods have a greater irritation to the gastrointestinal tract, which can easily cause symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and bloating, and gastrointestinal reactions caused by chemotherapy drugs are prone to occur during chemotherapy.Crabs, etc., gradually increase the chance of nitric acid reaction.

Therefore, it is generally considered that eating crabs as little as possible during chemotherapy is not absolutely contraindicated.

“There is some kind of food that must not be eaten during chemotherapy.”

Do not eat aphrodisiac food.

For example: lamb, dog, goose, pigeon, sparrow, etc.

Many animals contain hormones.

Pigs have thyroids on their necks, and people will be poisoned if they eat them.

Some people say that cows and chickens are also hair products, especially chicken buttocks cannot be eaten.


Cancer patients cannot eat MSG.

Do not eat iodized salt. Do not eat high iodine foods.

Cancer patients eat seafood, including: crab, shrimp, scaleless fish, kelp, etc., including iodized food and iodized salt, and the lump will break.

Iodine is widely present in seawater. Iodine can improve the dissolution of soft tissues, so it has the effect of reducing sputum. It is beneficial for benign tumors and vascular sclerosis.

But for hemorrhagic diseases and cancer, it has always been contraindicated.

Therefore, cancer patients have to buy pickled salt to eat.


Don’t eat spicy, and don’t put these spices in cooking.

For example: chili, ginger, pepper, raw onion, raw garlic, etc.

Spicy hair can easily lead to blood heat delusion.

Some cancer patients are always unable to control their illness. The reason is that the food eaten at home, the food eaten in the restaurant, and the food bought on the street are all spicy.

How to make food delicious?

Don’t use these spicy things to taste, use old soup.

The simplest old soup is to boil the carp and chicken.

Use this soup for ragout.


Especially outstanding is not to drink alcohol.

China was a low-concentration liquor before the Ming Dynasty. Therefore, the Song Dynasty’s Wu Song attacked the tiger, but the three bowls failed, which is pure fiction.

In the Ming Dynasty, distilled wine was produced, and the concentration of alcohol increased significantly.

This is why cancer increased from the Ming Dynasty.

Alcohol in traditional Chinese medicine has always been marked as poisonous.

This is not encouraged.

High concentrations of alcohol will cause chronic damage to the mouth, esophagus, and stomach.

Any concentration of wine can cause blood fever.

Especially drinking medicinal wine is more likely to cause blood heat delusion.

Western medicine also believes that alcohol can promote the absorption of toxic substances and is a cancer-promoting agent.